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About Us


Malibu Surfing School is owned and operated by the Papavassiliou Family. Dimitri is the head of operations and has been teaching surfers of all ages and levels for over eleven years. Dimitri works alongside his younger brother Chris and father Yanis, our mission is to provide incredible surf experiences for the future generation of surfers.


Malibu Surfing School teaches proper body positioning to improve performance and style. We show our clients how to read and react to waves in the lineup - breaking down key techniques such as paddling out, turning, and riding waves. 

Dimitri Papavassiliou was born in 1993, has been surfing since he was 3 years old. He started competing in NSSA surf contests and was a member of the Malibu High school surf team. His dream is to continue competitive surfing, teach surf lessons and coach. Dimitri is American and Greek. Ten years ago he decided he wanted to represent Greece in the ISA World Surfing Games. At the time, Greece did not have an official surfing organization and surfing was not on the radar. However, a few years ago it was discovered that there were great conditions for surfing in Crete as well as in the Western Peloponnese. This triggered Dimitri's interest to travel to Greece in the winter of 2019. When Dimitri arrived he was welcomed by local surfers, experienced amazing Greek hospitality and spent 3 months exploring and discovering surf spots that were truly exceptional. Babis Savvakis, who is now the president of HSSA, offered Dimitri a spot on the Greek national team and they sent him to the 2020 ISA world games in El Salvador.  


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Meet The Team

business partner and surf instructor - Chris Papavassiliou

Surf Instructor

Chris Papavassiliou

CEO and head instructor - Dimitri Papavassiliou

Owner & Surf Instructor

Dimitri Papavassiliou

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manager and surfing expert - Yanis Papavassiliou


Yanis Papavassiliou

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