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FAQs Malibu Surfing School

  • Where do I meet my instructor?
    Most of our lessons are taught at Broad Beach. 31202 Broad Beach Rd, Malibu, CA 90265 Your Instructor will be waiting for you at the public access gate before your lesson starts. Special arrangements will be made ahead of time if your lesson is taught at a different beach.
  • Is parking available nearby?
    Yes, At Broad Beach, Parking near the beach access is easy to find. However, during the Summer and especially on weekends spots fill up early. We recommend arriving 15 - 30 minutes early to get a convenient parking spot.
  • How do I get in touch with my instructor?
    Once your booking is confirmed we will assign an instructor to your lesson. Once an instructor is assigned, we will send you their contact information.
  • What happens if I am running late?
    We expect our clients to arrive on time for their lesson. If you are running late, please contact your instructor or Malibu Surfing School (213) 446-2674 We often have clients booked after your lesson, so we cannot extend the lesson. However, we will try to accommodate special circumstances
  • How do I reschedule my lesson?
    Call or Text us at (213) 446 -2674 to reschedule a lesson Please give us more than 24 hours notice. We cannot reschedule lessons less than 24 hours before.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    All payments are refundable up to 24 hours before your lesson. We cannot issue refunds for lessons canceled under 24 hours notice. We may make exceptions for emergencies or special circumstances.
  • What beach will my lesson be at?
    Our main beach is Broad Beach, just north of Zuma Beach in Malibu. 31346 Broad Beach Rd, Malibu, CA 90265 Special arrangements will be made ahead of time if your lesson is taught at a different beach. If you would like to surf at a specific location reach out to us (213) 446-2674.
  • How long do surf lessons usually last?
    Surf Lessons are 90 minutes long.
  • What do I need to bring in addition to the surf lesson?
    Bring water, a towel and sunscreen!
  • What type of board will I be riding during the lesson?
    You will be riding our standard 9 or 8 ft foam boards. These are ideal for beginners and intermediate surfers.
  • When do I pay for my lesson?
    We require payment upon booking - prior to the start of your lesson. We accept all major Credit Cards through the checkout of our website when you book online. Please contact us for other forms of payment.
  • Where is the nearest restroom?
    There is a public restroom at the Trancas Country Market. It's on the backside of the building. 30745 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265 United States There is also a public restroom inside the local market there, Vintage Grocers
  • Where is the nearest shower?
    There are many public bathrooms and outdoor showers located along the Zuma Beach Access road. The closest one to Broad Beach is at the intersection of PCH and Guernsey Ave. You can find free parking along PCH.
  • Is there somewhere safe to leave my stuff during the lesson?
    Yes, you can leave your belongings in your instructor's car, which will be locked during the lesson. We don’t recommend leaving anything on the beach unattended, and we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. It is best to take only what you need to the beach while surfing.
  • Are there rocks?
    Broad Beach is a sand bottom beach. It is safe to wade in and out of the water, but there are some rocks in select locations. Your Instructor will go over safety in and out of the lineup before the start of your lesson.
  • Is the water cold?
    The average Water temperature in Malibu is around 62 degrees Fahrenheit. The water is colder in Winter and Spring, but with a full body wetsuit most people can surf comfortably for an hour and a half or more. In the Summer and Fall, water temperatures rise, but we still recommend a wetsuit most days out of the year.
  • What are the ideal Time/ Surf conditions for my lesson?
    Surf conditions are unique combinations of elements and can be best understood from our blog post about Best Conditions to Surf In Feel free to reach out to us about what time and day to book a lesson for the best surf experience.
  • Is it hard to stand up if it's my first lesson?
    Standing up can be difficult but our instructors are committed to having you standing up with our best tips and corrections.
  • Is surfing dangerous?
    Our experienced instructors will keep you safe during your lesson. We do not advise Surfing without an instructor in dangerous conditions or at locations you are unfamiliar with. If you have any safety concerns let us know. We are here to give you an outstanding experience.
  • What happens if I get injured during the lesson?
    In the event of an injury, we will be prompt to call the lifeguard or emergency services if necessary. Your safety is our top priority.
  • I have my own board and wetsuit, can I use them for my lesson?"
    Yes absolutely!
  • Do I need to be a good swimmer to do a surf lesson?
    You do not have to be a good swimmer to surf. Broad Beach suits all levels of ocean experience. Our instructors will be in the water with you, monitoring your lesson at all times. Surfers with less experience should stay closer to shore at waist depth and shallower. Surfers with more experience can go out further in the lineup
  • What practice and preparations will help me before the lesson?
    Practicing pop ups and stretching before the lesson will help. On the day of the lesson your instructor will go over a land based warmup with you.
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